The sweetest little girl that giggles and smiles

We can go to the moon and back in only a few miles

Making mommy laugh with your spectrum of an imagination

So smart, you can make it to the space station.

The girl that lights up, lighting up every single precious minute

In a world filled with dreams that have no limit

You are golden and no one can compare

To the love I have for my blonde honey bear.

Oh my goodness, what a great sister you are

Brighter than the North Star

Always being loving to your little bumble bee brother

I couldn’t be more proud of a Mother.

Loved so much in theΒ world that twirls

Thanking God for amazing kind little girls

You wear cowgirl boots and purple bows

SuchΒ a fan of you, from your shining locks to your perfect toes.

So keep lighting up

Sweet little buttercup

Enchanting Sydney and our morning dew

The perfect Morgese-Mulgrew

a poem written by Donna Kay Morgese

January 25, 2012

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