My name is Donna, I’m a nature advocate. I gag when I see construction and beautiful prairies covered in concrete for a CVS Pharmacy when there’s a Walgreen’s across the street. And no, we don’t need another Chinese restaurant and nail spa, I’d rather have a wildflower field.

I live in Texas and by hobby, handcraft bee balms. I locally source most of my ingredients only to make the finest lip balm and beard balm ever. Most ingredients are sustained from an eclectic spectrum of farms in the Austin and Houston, Texas regions.  Each balm is handcrafted with 100% nourishment in mind. The balms are not just for lips and beards, they are for cuticles, nails, hairlines, hair tips and boo boos (yes — I’m a Mommy!). They are made with all natural ingredients that are extremely beneficial to the mind and body.

I’m a naturalist as much as possible and MajestyandtheBees consists of all good things — that advocate for the environment, wildlife and humanity.

Bee good,

Donna Kay Morgese

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