5 Ways to Make Extra Money and Have Fun

Nowadays, extra cash in your pocket gives you the added boost you need to make it by. Every little bit counts. Inflation, the economy, industry and even family values are not the most stable in North America, so it’s always a good idea to think of ways to be entrepreneurial. Here are some of the easiest ways […]

How the Farmer’s Market Inspires Healthy Living

A few years back I began to flutter to the farmer’s market, one of the best moves I ever made. Some of my most profound ideas on living a natural lifestyle stemmed from strolling through the booths of fresh farm pickings. Many thanks to the farmer’s market for igniting the creation of Your Majesty lip balm and introducing me to some of the […]

Little Treasures…

Think a happy thought and you will fly Peter… We are all pirates and there are treasures everywhere, you just are gonna have to believe in that one. Today I found a few treasures. I harvested a yellow tomato from the school garden along with some oregano and a summer squash blossom!