For the King – beard balm

So I had a special order for my Texas pecan oil infused beard balm for the King. As I try to relax from a very busy weekend, I add the frankincense to the beard balm and I just suddenly feel calm. As I made it, my son comes up and wants to help.

I give him the bowl of leftover balm and he puts it on his little 4 year old chin. He wants to grow a beard and send some to his Uncle John. So I totally made his night by giving him his very own beard balm. I even put a Charlie Brown sticker on it. OMG… It really is the little things.

I also did a fig + honey facial this evening which really felt great. We have a fig tree near by and we certainly have been harvesting almost every fig that’s ripe. Thanks to the recipe I noticed online today from an Herbal Academy in New England. This website is so inspiring and it makes me feel like I belong. Superbly inspirational.

Well, y’all — Go out there and do something good for the world. It’s not always easy. Stress and anxiety fill the air but do try to combat it with elegance and grace.

Your Majesty lip balm

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