Bob Kittens Back in the Wilderness

October 1, 2015, was a glorious day, when a set of two brother bob kittens were released into the Texas wilderness. Their den was destroyed by Houston area construction. Mother bobcat was nowhere to be found. Urbanization closed in on the wide-opened prairie and field they called home. They were rescued and taken to the Wildlife Center of Texas, where they were nursed to a mature age for release.

According to the City of Houston, Houston is the 4th largest city in the United States of America, and apparently keeps growing. Unfortunately, all the build out is overcrowding the city and minimizing the beautiful Texas terrain.

Industrialization has taken a toll and blocks the magic of the Earth. To experience Earth and nature is an experience that touches all the senses.

It would be nice to see people just stop, slow down, enjoy, preserve, only do what’s absolutely necessary, and live in harmony with all the other beautiful creatures we’re sharing the planet with.

Thank you to the Wildlife Center of Texas. I personally have been at this center when we rescued two sibling squirrels, a brother and sister, and the center took very good care of all of us.

Rescued Squirrels

Stop building and start preserving,

Your Majesty lip balm

Photo credit to Rhonda for Bobcat March 11 2015/flickr

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