5 Essential Oils for Study Time

Herbs and essential oils have historical based benefits and are fused with an endless amount of uses. Some essential oils help boost mental clarity and make learning and study much more productive and pleasant.

For all the students and learners out there looking for the Holy Grail towards optimal study time; while there’s no such thing, there are salutary methods. Whenever in doubt, going back to nature is always a respectable choice. Herbs and essential oils can offer a natural way to elevate study mode.

As essential oils are becoming more popular, it’s smart to take time out to research both the essential oil and the brand to make sure you make the best choice. When choosing a brand, don’t hesitate to ask questions and always follow directions on how to use.

When researching, you will be surprised of how ancient some essential oils are while some are mentioned in the Bible. Not only do essential oils nourish with positive benefits but they also carry centuries of meaning.

Try infusing these 5 herbs and essential oils in your family’s study regimes, especially when studying for high stake standardized tests.


Basil is such a vivid and invigorating herb and not just delicious in your pesto. The invigorating scent acts as an antidepressant and has a powerful mind clearing effect. Julia Lawless, author of Encyclopedia of Essential Oils, claims this essential oil is one of the best aromatic tonics out there.  Basil also assists in relieving intellectual exhaustion and offers mind strength.

Keep calm and basil on.


One of the best approaches to taking a test is to remain calm and don’t forget to breath. School, class and testing can create a lot of anxiety and stress. Frankincense is an ancient remedy that serves as a sedative. In fact, frankincense is known to be one of the essential oils that slows down and deepens the breath.

An interesting fact about frankincense is early archaeological evidence discovered the burning of incense from the Old Kingdom in Ancient Egypt, where spoon-shaped incense burners with long handles were found.

Welcoming frankincense into your regime will help you relieve stress and remain spiritual throughout the journey of all the good life has to offer.

Juniper Berry

Juniper berry serves to stimulate and strengthen the mind and body. Because juniper berry is a natural stimulant, it promotes energy and aids in offering focus and clarity. Juniper berry has a woodsy scent and is a bit more masculine, so this is a good pick for the boys in the family.

Though this essential oil is not the most popular to promote mental clarity, it still serves as a good choice should not any of the other oils mentioned be your cup of tea. And if you’re comfortable to make a mental clarity blend, juniper berry makes a great addition.


Peppermint is said to be one of the oldest herbal medicines. Peppermint is a refreshing and energizing herb. The oil is used to combat fatigue and lack of strength. Besides its other number of benefits, peppermint has been tested in a small pilot study and has been concluded that it assisted in better cognitive functions and mental clarity. Peppermint’s refreshing scent invigorates which entails a remedy for mental fatigue as well.

Though peppermint is mostly enjoyed during the winter holidays, try to remember it can be used year round and offers a pep to your step. Pun intended.


Rosemary is a versatile herb and has such an amazing scent. This wondrous essential oil instantaneously helps with concentration, memory, fatigue, mental clarity and even depression. One science study discovered that rosemary showed some significant antioxidant activity.

The beauty of rosemary is it grows wild in many terrains. In fact, if you don’t have the essential oil handy, you can also use the actual herb itself. Just one good take of its scent can have an immediate effect on mental stimulation.

One recommendation is to dilute the oil according to the directions and rub a little on the scalp. The aromatherapy and cool feeling will enhance your study experience and make you feel great!

Learn and Grow

Nature is truly full of wonders that offer so many benefits to life on earth. Believe it or not, most herbs grow wild everywhere and many people pass them by without knowing what they are and how they can help in promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Knowledge is power and knowing about herbs and essential oils will open the door to many possibilities.

All of these essential oils can be used to help you or you or your child study efficiently.

Make sure to test out essential oils before purchasing them if at all possible so that you know for sure you agree with the scent.

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