Pizza Delivery from Outer Space

On a chirping summer night, a boy named Joey was hanging out in his room. With the door open, of course. Joey had a wonderful family. They all loved to spend time together. The doors were generally always open at home.

While in his room, Joey turned on his walkie talkie. It was time to start getting some radio waves. Roger that Captain. Over.

At this point, Joey was captivated just by hanging out in his room. Joey was happy. After playing ’til sunset, it was time to relax in pajamas.  Joey had some out of this world pajamas with glowing rockets and stars.

Oh my. Joey started to feel hungry. He had the munchies. After having a busy bee kind of day, he needed something delicious. Something that’s hearty and reminded him of his Mother. His Mother is Italian. Joey’s great Grandfather came from Italy.

What could Joey be thinking about?

A hot dog?

No, he didn’t want a hot dog. Not on this particular evening.

Ice cream?

Well, yes, he is always in the mood for ice cream. But, ice cream was a little too sweet for his monstrous appetite.

Pickles and Cheese?

Joey already had pickles and cheese for the day.

So what was it that Joey was craving?



pizza delivery from outerspace

As Joey gazed out the window, looking at the twinkling stars and the gibbous moon, he thought of pizza. Not just any pizza however. Joey wanted his great grandfather’s pizza.

His great grandfather made pizzas in Chicago.

It was the kind of pizza that felt like family.

Joey’s mouth was watering and he really wanted a pizza pie. But it was too late. He wouldn’t dare ask his parents. Oh, it was dreadful. His craving grew stronger and he didn’t know what to do.

Joey tried distracting himself.

He attempted a headstand, jumped like a frog and even rolled himself into a burrito with his red, plush blanket.

Hmmm, that didn’t work, he was still hungry.

Joey let out a deep, sulking breath.

Just as he was about to come to real life terms that he wasn’t going to bite into a tomato saucey, pepperoni rocking, bread and buttery deep dish pizza, the walkie talkies started to light up and make noise.

Uh Oh. What was that? Inquired Joey.


And something said,

“Pepperoni deep dish from deep space – over”

Joey wondered who, what and where all this pizza talk was coming from through the walkie talkies.

And something said again,

“Saturn onion rings with Mars flying saucer sauce”

Ok, what is going on here? Joey questioned.

Suddenly, Joey saw bluish, purplish and greenish lights flashing like a disco party outside his window.

He ran to the window and as he was a little out of breath, he peaked outside the blue sheer curtain. It was something Joey had never seen before. It was a space ship!


Up popped a little four eyed alien with a big smile on its face and…

He was holding a pizza!

A deep dish pizza, drowning in pizza sauce and popping with pepperoni to be exact. And it even came with a free side of Saturn onion rings and Mars flying saucer sauce.

Joey was delighted to say the least.

To think someone out there was looking out for him. To know that he wasn’t alone made him feel warm, cozy and grateful.

Joey said a big thank you to his four eyed friend. The little alien said with glee, “You’re welcome my Earthling friend!!”

And the cute alien wobbled back into his flying saucer and flew back into outer space, leaving a glimmering stream behind.

Joey was happy and most importantly, not hungry anymore. After enjoying his pizza, he went to bed under a starry night filled with wonder and slept in peace.



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