Meadows Will Grow

In the Spring and Summer

Try not to mow

And you may see

That a meadow will grow

Many times we feel it’s necessary to mow the grass. It’s growing, it looks unkept – mow it down! Sure, a well kept lawn or field looks clean cut and organized but with a little going out of the standardized comfort zone, you may have some wildflowers hiding in the grass.

The benefits of growing a meadow of any size, will attract a sustainable eco-system. Plus, it could be a little experiment for you and your family to enjoy and learn from.

If you have a large piece of land you can enjoy the native grasses and wildflowers by taking a break from mowing. Or if you have a home with a traditional backyard, you can dedicate a sunny corner to growing a meadow.

A meadow consists of native grasses and wildflowers. The more native the better, as it will grow with extremely low maintenance.

Here are the benefits of meadows.


Meadows are magical and create a place where dreams are inspired with the tall grass and flowers tickling your feet. The beauty of nature’s color that can’t be replicated other than from the Earth. Who doesn’t dream of running free in a meadow or reading a book in your back yard knowing nature is right there.

Butterflies and Bees

Wildflowers are the bees knees for pollinators. A meadow is a glorious place for bees, butterflies and dragonflies to frolic in the sun and do their job while fluttering in an optimum environment. Remember, there would be no wildflower honey if it wasn’t for wildflowers.

Nature’s Miracle

Natural meadows usually spring when land has been effected due to fire, flood, volcanic eruption and other natural disasters that can clear a field of trees and vegetation. A meadow is how the Earth heals itself. This rejuvenation process of Mother Nature takes over the land and sustains the cycle of life. However, man made meadows have been growing since the early 1900s.


If you live in a city, you may sometimes feel like the concrete is taking over and a drive to see the meadows and wildflowers are becoming farther and farther. The good news is, you can create your own natural world and experiment on not cutting your grass in the spring and summer. Let it grow. For more information on how to grow your own meadow you can visit

One thought on “Meadows Will Grow

  1. This article really points out how important nature and the ecosystem is to human physical health but more importantly our mental health. If we just took a few minutes a week to enjoy the wild setting architected in this article imagine how stress would be reduced? I know this article has stimulated me to dedicate that “wild patch” as recommended!!!! Especially in my town Houston which is totally dedicated to paving every square inch of real estate and then completely missing that this causes the flooding we experience frequently now.


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