5 Reasons to Count Calories

Managing our caloric intake is often difficult to understand at first. Easy is the concept of eating less calories that leads to accomplishing the goal of losing weight.

What is a calorie? And does it really have an impact on our lives?

Understanding the Importance –

Most packaged food comes with a nutritional label. However, associating the caloric intake with the serving size can add to the confusing journal of what we are really consuming. 

A calorie is a unit of energy, defined as the amount of energy that is needed to raise the temperature of water by one degree celsius.

A household fact is that calories are the fuel we need to give our bodies to function through the day.

Taking less calories, than we put out, leads to losing weight. That’s just a fact.

Is it really bad NOT to monitor our calories? The short answer is yes. Several maladies can befall us if we don’t properly manage our day to day diets.

Consequences –

Weight gain for example, is the easiest medical condition to fall prey to. Over time, it can lead to converting excess calories to triglycerides.

These triglycerides gets stored in our arteries, resulting in hardening and ultimately atherosclerosis.

If we don’t keep a check, it’s not surprising to get diagnosed with liver disease, cancer, high blood pressure or breathing problems like sleep apnea.

How to Prevent –

There are several effective ways to improve both mental and physical health.

A well defined exercise regimen, and a sensible eating plan, both approved and reviewed by your physician are the two best courses of action to make a positive difference to your wellbeing.

Let me share top 5 reasons why you should be counting calories.

  1. Healthy Eating Becomes the Everyday Norm

By limiting our calories, we become more appreciative and selective of what we eat and what not.

Food sites are uploaded with numerous fresh healthy recipes everyday. People know how important it is to keep a check on calories. They have hence gone smarter with their recipes too.

The key is not to cut down on your cravings but to have it in moderation, keeping a check on the calorie constituents.

Fats and sugar are not always bad. They should be consumed in limits.

  1. Better Body Functions –

Since we cut down on wasted calories, the negative appetite starts to go away slowly.

We reap maximum benefits of what we eat. As a result, body functions work to their optimum.

Diseases are kept at bay and mortality chances subside.

Increased nutritional awareness helps us to create nutritional targets. Being aware of these targets makes our diet decisions right and correct.

  1. Sleeping Pattern Improves –

One of the great benefits of following a right calorie diet, is that it improves and systematizes your sleeping behavior.

As we grow older, what we put in our mouths, and how much we move during the day impacts how we sleep at night.

Daily exercise coupled with calorie check meals lead to a better quality of life.

Do an analysis of where you sit at the moment. You will know what and how much you need to change.

Incorporate a diet that focuses more on fruits and veggies, with ample amounts of water.

Pair it with 10,000 steps of walk everyday. This is perhaps the easiest way to get a good night sleep.

Remember, If you have slept well the last night, you can take the day head-on with better vigor and energy.

  1. Better Mental Acuity –

When you make positive changes to your diet, it shows in the long run. Brain function improves with better awareness and sharper sensitivity.  

A calorie controlled diet definitely gives us a clearer mind to work with. The comprehension and vision gets better too.

Above all, the decision making ability transforms for good.

  1. Weight-loss –  

If you are already overweight and resorted to calorie conscious trick only now, you’ll see pounds falling off first.

Increasing the daily activity will help you get rid of that plateau then.

Be it high school teens, food aficionados or even new mothers looking to shed weight, it works for all.

In fact, it’s a no brainer, the self-glorification that we look for on the outside, actually lies within.

It is easily the best way to manage your body composition.

Upshot –

Counting calories doesn’t mean sacrificing all the good stuff. It’s rather preparing for the years to come.

What you eat now, may not be good for your health when you turn 40. It only makes sense to develop healthy ways now than never.  

Don’t give up on taste but keep a check on your health too.

guest author: 

Jenny is a creative blog writer who has many passions and interests. Health and wellness is one area where she likes to contribute as much as she can. She has been long associated with https://superfoodsliving.com/.

Reach out to her at – jennytravens9@gmail.com

Twitter – https://twitter.com/superfoodliving

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