Why Industrialization and Globalization Should Subside

“I believe in the sun and the stars, the water, the tides, the floods, the owls, the hawks flying, the river running, the wind talking. They’re measurements. They tell us how healthy things are. How healthy we are. Because we and they are the same” 

Billy Frank, Jr.

Mother Earth’s most nutritious beginnings sprout from the soil. What we do with the soil determines our quality of life.

Somehow in the mazed clutter of industrialization we get concrete slabs and poison wrapped up in the ultimate pursuit of tax revenue and mass production.

America is losing it’s cultural essence, more than ever. We are losing our soul. Made in China, overcrowded prisons, corrupt political systems, all whilst building over land to program the population to consume. All this is happening while we lose the value of what nature does to human health and happiness.

1. History

America comes with some amazing history. The Native Americans were indigenous to this land and carry many spiritual revelations. We must not lose that essence.

Unfortunately, behind many closed doors and lack of publication, the Native Americans have been significantly oppressed in America and other countries like Canada. They are losing their land acre by acre every passing year.

A great America will provide the Natives with vast land so they can keep the indigenous ethnoshpere alive and well. This will also be beneficial to biodiversity and the preservation of the wilderness. Without the indigenous and their true and very deep connection to the Earth, the world will become monochromatic.

If we keep building over everything, we lose our history, we lose our souls and we lose our connection to the land.

2. Consumption 

We are all guilty of it. We work and live to purchase. The media is a very powerful medium to hypnotize our way of thinking into having more. Fashion, beauty, cars and beyond. As a society we feel complete when we work hard, make money and spend it.

Consumption is a necessity. Humans deserve to live in comfort, to not be hungry, to be entertained and to have shelter. But when does consumption turn glutinous?

There’s no better time than now to think twice on whether you really need something. Just give it a second thought. Because when you purchase items from large corporations, you are giving them power through money thus enabling them with more leverage in the political system.

3. Entitlement 

Every time we go to the grocery store, we get our very own glass jar of pasta sauce and our very own jug of laundry detergent. That jar and that jug, on a grand scale, only gets used once. For those who recycle- that’s great, but recycling is not offered everywhere and is not always easy to find. The grocery stores don’t really offer much recycling either. As of 2013 an average of 34% of America recycles. That’s not enough.

Our version of a pumpkin is from a can or in the over glorified pumpkin spice latte from all the coffee and fast food chains. How many inner city people have ever seen a real pumpkin growing from a pumpkin patch? Our entitlement has been given from major corporations wanting us to buy their products.

Be on the look out for companies that are looking to make a difference so generations to come can have a convenient quality of life, because where we stand now, fireflies are on the endangered species list and most children and adults don’t know what the Milky Way looks like.

4. Expansion and Development 

All across America, large cities, suburban areas and small towns are expanding. Major cities just want to become larger. Big is not always a good thing. In some of the largest cities, you will notice some of the rudest people and they also have higher crime rates. One reason is because no one has time or much patience. Large cities are covered in concrete with buildings, shopping centers, hot parking lots and in the end, one person becomes just a number. Money is just about the only way to enjoy a large city because there’s not very many places to go to be wild and free.

According to the Greater Good Science Center at Berkeley, nature can reduce stress and create more happiness.

If cities and towns continue to expand, we will continue to damage biodiversity, oceans and the climate.

5. Population 

If you build it, they will come“. If you build a community, people will come to live in it. But America has enough communities. What we need to invest in is preserving the communities we already have. If we build more communities on the outskirts of town, farmers will be pushed out, more people will flood in. It’s a standard money scheme development, with a community setting that includes a Target, Walmart, Starbucks, shopping center, franchise chains and about 20 nail salons. What these development schemes do is:

  • increase traffic
  • increase the need for more resources
  • increase the supply and demand of mass produced products
  • increase the population
  • increase light pollution
  • increase pollution
  • decrease biodiversity
  • decrease farmland for fresh produce
  • destroys the homes of wildlife

Final Thought 

Man has been around for thousands of years. Industrialization about 300, so far evidence is showing that industrialization is really not proving to be beneficial to mankind or the animal kingdom.

Our history with the Native Americans is a very good source to have. Their connection to the land in America can guide us in many ways about our future and how we plan to take care of this absolutely bountiful country. America is beautiful and plentiful, let’s treat her with the utmost respect and stand strong to have wild and free land untouched from the industrialized and globalized, power hungry world.


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